Tendertec @ Digital Festival Health Panel

Digital Festival Tendertec

Tendertec joins Digital Festival panel to discuss the future of health.

Tendertec’s co-founder and CTO, Rui Zhang, joined Tina Woods (Collider Health), Anne Bruinvels (PX Healthcare), Elin Haf Davies (Aparito), James Coe (Monsenso), Etienne Bourdon (HealthyHealth) at the Digital Festival Health Panel: Healthcare in times of the digital economy, IoT and connected devices.

The panel discussed a number of topics including:

  • How digital technologies are disrupting healthcare.
  • The benefits, risks and limits to the use of digital technologies in healthcare.
  • How digital technologies can provide solutions that combine to solve many acute problems.
  • The benefits of using digital technologies in healthcare with regards to the insurance sector.
  • The use cases emerging with regard to the use of digital technologies such as AI, blockchain, mobile, IoT and the data economy.

An interesting fact deriving from the session has been that no one from the audience put their hands up when asked if the public was aware of the incredible innovations in digital health. This demonstrates the need for more actions to be taken in communicating this amazing tech.

View below the amazing Mind Doodle notes from the panel.


Digital Festival Tendertec


Digital Festival Tendertec