Tendertec joins the Digital Catapult’s Social Housing and Assisted Living Programme

Tendertec has been selected to work with the Digital Catapult to take Tendertec’s technology to market.

Tendertec has been selected to be part of the Digital Catapult’s LPWAN Solutions for Social Housing and Assisted Living Programme. 

The innovation programme is focusing on fostering innovation in LPWAN technologies to address assisted living and social housing challenges. It is designed to help startups and SMEs ensure that when they take their new products and services to market they are 100% primed and targeting the right needs.

The six-week programme will culminate in a demo day and showcase with a selected audience of Local Authorities, service providers and investors.

The Challenges

Local Authorities have a statutory duty to provide housing, advice and assistance to applicants in need. A recent survey by the Institute for Fiscal Studies shows that one in six families in the UK live in social housing, approximately half of which are council owned.

According to a recent survey by YouGov, nearly two thirds of people worry about the level of GP care that will be available in their golden years, and there is the belief that using IoT devices could help them live independently for longer, reducing the burden on health and care services.

The UK is falling behind the rest of Europe in innovating in LPWANs. To help address this challenge, we are looking for startups with disruptive products and services that are designed to help councils save money on delivering services, yet still ensure that citizens are able to continue living in independent homes with dignity and well-being.

Read More about the programme here.